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Our Mechanical Engineering CAD (computer-assisted design) team applies various 3D design softwares to create your product concept from freehand sketches, turning out an intelligent digital prototype. Some equipment we use: Unigraphics NX – CAD/CAM Software, SolidWorks CAD Workstations, MasterCam 3D CAM Workstation, SuiteFactory DNC and Smart Cam 3D CAM Workstations. (more…)
CNC Turning
With CNC Turning, a work piece is rotated and a cutting tool is traversed along multiple axes of motion to produce complex geometries with precise diameters and depths providing consistently high quality. See our full equipment list for more information.
We have the perfect machining center for your job. Our 5-axis machines are unique in their ability to effectively process part sizes and shapes with essentially infinite possibilities. (more…)
We offer advanced CNC EDM (Electronic Discharge Machining). EDM is a machining process by which electrically charged wire vaporizes material rather than cutting it by traditional methods. (more…)
Abrasive waterjet machining, involving extremely high-pressure pumps, uses water or water carrying an abrasive to cut materials – from metal to plastics – completely burr-free and without thermal distortion or heat-affected zones. (more…)
Using the latest in multi-axis technology for horizontal and vertical machining, we are able to produce complex components to exacting standards. (more…)
Tube Assembly
Precision tube bending, fabrication of details and assemblies is a core capability at Evolution Aero. We are equally at home working with both common and exotic metals. (more…)

Special Processes

NDT (X-Ray and FPI)
Our non-destructive testing (NDT) capabilities support internal as well as external customer requirements, and include film radiography, pressure testing and high-sensitivity water wash fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) and leak testing of welded components.
Welding and Brazing
Orbital & manual welding is performed to meet precision welding specifications with accuracy and efficiency. By induction and torch brazing, we reliably join odd-shaped parts and like and unlike materials that include stainless steels, mild steels and titanium. Based on design requirements, we select the appropriate filler material (often silver or gold) to maximize the strength and durability of the finished product. Furnace brazing is used to join tube and ferrule assemblies.
Heat Treating
Vacuum heat treatment exposes steel and other metallic components to time-temperature sequences in order to harden or strengthen materials and/or improve corrosion resistance.