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Evolution Aero offers world-class capabilities and quality with the responsive customer service and flexibility of a mid-sized manufacturer. Offering complete design-through-production capabilities under one roof, Evolution Aero is able to bring a job from concept to completion without the need for outside suppliers. Our full customer support begins with bringing your spec sheet or concept to our engineering department for development of the best solution. We regularly invest in new resources and equipment to better meet customers’ needs.
EvolutionAero Family
Founded in 1980, with a focus from day one on precision, we take pride in meeting customer needs with the highest quality machining services on a wide array of standard and exotic aerospace materials. These include: precision milling, turning, waterjet machining, EDM, tube bending and NDT all coordinated under one roof. Work takes place in our new 98,000-square-foot facility South Windsor Connecticut or at our Pompano Beach Florida location, where engineers and executives work just a few steps from the shop floor. We are able to process components and assemblies in materials from basic aluminum and aluminum alloys to cobalt and nickel-based alloys all the way up to titanium and high-performance specialty alloys such as Waspaloy, Inconel and Hastelloy. We machine non-ferrous and ferrous materials from forgings.
To set a standard of excellence as a customer-focused team that rewards our customers and all of our employees, we are committed to these values to guide our decisions and behavior:
  • Respect for employees
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Excellence of standards for integrity
  • Dedication to serving our customers and supporting our suppliers
Export Compliance and Social Responsibility
We are committed to strict compliance with federal ITAR (International Trade in Arms Regulations) export standards, environmental laws, workplace safety regulations and a socially responsible supply chain. Click here to read our statement of conflict-free materials.
The evolution of Evolution Aero began in 1980, with the opening of family-owned C&P Machine Co. in South Windsor, Conn., in the farm country of the lush Connecticut River flood plain. Housed in the modest facility on Chapel Road, with about 3,000 square feet of work space, was the dream of Pedro Agreda, who had immigrated from Peru in 1963 and worked for several years to master a new language and the machinist’s trade. Starting with one small building, two machines and a lot of determination, the fledgling manufacturer expanded to first 9,000, then 13,000 square feet. In 1987, the founder was joined by his son, Charlie, who applied his management and product fabrication skills to create today’s fast-moving and dynamic organization. Starting in 2008, strategic acquisitions were made to increase production capacity, add capabilities and enhance customer service. First came Empire Manufacturing of Bridgeport, Conn. Then, in 2010, came Aero Tube Technologies, a leader for more than 60 years in manufacturing rigid tube assemblies for the aerospace and power generation markets. Next came Florida Eagle Industries Inc. of Pompano Beach, Fla., an aero engine parts maker with roots dating back to 1977. The resulting combination of skills, vast experience and technological capabilities led to the company’s rebranding as Evolution Aero. In its fourth decade of operation, the company offers the highest quality machining services on a wide array of exotic aerospace materials in a new, 98,000-square-foot facility. What sets us apart is the ability to offer customers a turn-key process to bring a job from concept to completion with precision milling, turning, waterjet, EDM, tube bending and NDT services all under a single roof. Additional space within our facility is available for anticipated future expansion of our production capacity.
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